Proposals and views on a possible biomedical R&D Treaty

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  • MSF calls for an a medical R&D treaty to address research for neglected diseases, on the day it wins the Noble Prize.
  • Amsterdam Statement To Wto Member States On Access To Medicine, developed at the Increasing Access to Essential Drugs in a Globalised Economy Working Towards Solutions conference, organized by Health Action International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Consumer Project on Technology, at Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 25-26, 1999.


  • 2001 October 12 discussion on Intellectual Property, innovation and international trade agreements at the Wizards of OS, Berlin, Germany.
  • Jean-Marie Kindermans and Francine Matthys, Introductory note: The access to Essential Medicines
    , Tropical Medicine and International Health, Volume 6 NO 11 PP 955-956, November 2001